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New Products > Curtain Wall


Reliance™ Cassette

Reliance™ Cassette Curtain Wall is a 4-sided structurally glazed system that allows the installer to shop glaze the infill onto "cassette frames" using 3M™ VHB™ structural Glazing Tape or Structural Silicone. These pre-glazed frames are then taken to the field and applied to a structural grid of standard Reliance™ or Reliance™-SS curtain wall framing providing a 4-sided structurally glazed appearance with an overall system depth of 6-3/4", 8" or 10-1/2". This system can be used in either new construction or retrofit onto existing Reliance™ or Reliance™-SS installations.

Reliance™ Unit Wall

Reliance™ Unit Wall system is a screw spline solution engineered with starter sill and stack horizontal for easy installation.

Reliance™-SS Enhancements

Our Reliance-SS Curtain Wall system is an outside glazed, front set pressure wall curtain wall system that offers screw spline assembly of frames and the ability to shop seal the frame before shipping to the project site. Available in both 6" and 7-¼" depths, using either captured or structural silicon glazed verticals, this wall system now features several enhancements.