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Series 6000 Thermal MultiPlane


Series 6000 (2" x 6") Thermal MultiPlane offers the versatility of standard storefront systems with improved thermal performance only from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®.

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    Center Set - 1" Glazing Web_details-FG-6000-Mp-CS.pdf

    • Elev-Series-6000-Mp-CenterSet (DWG)
      Horizontal Outside Glazed - H9101 (DWG)
      Head - H9102 (DWG)
      Sill - H9103 (DWG)
      Horizontal-w-Operable Window - H9119 (DWG)
      Glass-Options -H9148 (DWG)
      Jamb - V9102 (DWG)
      Heavy Vertical - V9105 (DWG)
      Vertical - V9106 (DWG)
      Expansion Vertical - V9107 (DWG)
      90 Outside Corner - V9111 (DWG)
      90 Inside Corner - V9112 (DWG)
      180 Post - V9115 (DWG)

    Front Set - 1" Glazing series6_mp_frontset_storefront_cad.pdf

    • Elevation (DWG)
      Horizontal - H9201 (DWG)
      Head - H9202 (DWG)
      Sill - H9208 (DWG)
      Sill - H9209 (DWG)
      Horizontal - H9221 (DWG)
      Head - H9222 (DWG)
      Horizontal w Adapter - H9231 (DWG)
      Head with Adapter - H9232 (DWG)
      Sill with Adapter - H9238 (DWG)
      Sill with Adapter - H9239 (DWG)
      Horizontal with Operable Window - H9241 (DWG)
      Head - H9242 (DWG)
      Horizontal - H9245 (DWG)
      Sill with Operable Window - H9248 (DWG)
      Sill with Operable Window - H9249 (DWG)
      Horizontal with Operable Window - H9251 (DWG)
      Head with Operable Window - H9252 (DWG)
      Horizontal with Operable Window - H9255 (DWG)
      Horizontal - H9256 (DWG)
      Head - H9257 (DWG)
      Jamb - V9202 (DWG)
      Jamb with Adaptor - V9203 (DWG)
      Vertical Mullion with Adapter - V9205 (DWG)
      Vertical Mullion - V9206 (DWG)
      Expansion Vertical Mullion - V9207 (DWG)
      90 Degree Outside Corner - V9211 (DWG)
      90 Degree Outside Corner w Adapter - V9217 (DWG)
      Heavy Vertical Mullion - V9218 (DWG)
      90 Degree Inside Corner - V9219 (DWG)
      90 Degree Inside Corner - V9220 (DWG)
      jamb with Operable Window - V9242 (DWG)
      Vertical with Operable Window - V9245 (DWG)

    Front Set SSG - 1" Glazing fg6-Mp-Fs-SSG-jan-2014.pdf


    Series 6000 Thermal MultiPlane Specifications 6000_multiplane_spec_rev.doc

    Structural Charts

    Series 6000 Thermal MultiPlane Structural Chart series6_mp_structural_chart.pdf


    • Series 6000 Thermal MultiPlane Installation Manual(PDF)
    • Series 6000 Thermal MultiPlane Sell Sheet(PDF)